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Using AI

Video Analytics

Zilon has the widest offering of AI-based Intelligent Events Video Analytics in the market today. Zilon video analytics automatically analyze live events, streaming video from CCTV, surveillance and embedded cameras to provide actionable alerts for security events and reducing the need for manual monitoring. It will be condition based analytics.

Real-time AI Video Analytics Processing

Zilon Video Analytics products add artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content and ecents in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems. Video Analytics can be embedded at the edge (in-camera), in servers on-premise, and/or on-cloud. They extract only the valid motion in a scene. It provides data base on conditions.

It reduces a long archived video into a manageable video summary with actual events. It will be able to filters out noise such as tree movement, weather, light changes.

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