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What is InVantage

With Zilon’s InVantage framework, you harness the power of your operational data for real-time digital business that drive greater efficiency and competitiveness. Zilon solutions accelerate your operations. Extensive domain knowledge coupled with industry-standard software expertise enables us to deliver cost effective services to the upstream oil & gas and manufacturing clients across the globe.


A real-time operations control and management framework using Applied Artificial Intelligence to enable a digitally transformed organization.

Retail InVantage

Multi-store business management control centre providing a real-time insight into the current state of the operations and an ability to influence supply on demand.

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Control InVantage

Automating operations using a real-time intelligent framework controlling distributed Internet of Things(IOT) network.

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Learning InVantage

Providing a technology-based education system to the poorest of children in remote areas by shifting focus from teaching to learning.

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