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Our Mission

Zilon is focused on automating your business operations using Robotic Process Automation and Applied Artificial Intelligence. Key benefits include ability to manage and reduce cost, improve service delivery, ability to be flexible and scale out your business. To enable faster deployments we have developed select products for our most in demand solutions.

Our Delivered Projects

Since 2001, Zilon has delivered projects to companies small and large using experienced teams deployed globally with capability including business and technology.

Our Processes

“Team with our customers”– The Zilon team accept difficult challenges. Our customers explain their business processes. We bring an idea to automate business processes with technology that complements their internal knowledge. Our creative, energetic and innovative team also knows how to maximize productivity, how to minimize risk, how to provide optimal solutions of problems.

Our Solutions

“Achieve solutions excellence”– Everything we do that will scale out your business, to increase productivity, reduce costs in processing through latest technologies. We focus on the right solutions that would be most relevant to your business. Then we achieve solutions excellence by delivering results and financial benefit. Our perfect solution meets your specific business needs, which would be fit in your production environment.

Other Organization's Approach

Most business leaders recognize the importance of digital solutions to their organisation, but they don’t always know what’s possible, how to grow their business, what to tackle first, or how to provide optimal solutions of problems.


Zilon is rated among the top digital solutions provider by leading industry analysts precisely because we know how to help our clients, how to provide solutions extract real business operations from digital.

Our focus?

Our Industry focused, business operations automation solutions can help you define your business strategy, road map and business case for the digital age. We provide a ‘digital mindset’ that combines strategic, creative, technical, analytical and functional skills to create high quality digital optimal solutions, quickly, efficiently and reliably with agile delivery .

Reasons to choose Zilon

  • Using IT to transform into digital business.
  • In-depth experience of digital solutions industry.
  • Accelerating business decision making.
  • Automate processes that are repetitive, thus simplifying the process by eliminating human intervention.

How do we work?

ZILON has in-depth experience in digital solutions. Our Zilon team has been providing solutions for various clients to run their entire digital business operations. Our experience in working with various industries, verticals and geographies gives us the edge over other digital solutions companies.

Innovative, energetic, solution provider

Meet the Team

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